I reckon.


Capitalism is selling a 2 liter bottle of soda for $1, and a 12 ounce soda for $1.69.

Capitalism is charging $1.50 for a bottle of water, when there’s a free water fountain 20 feet away.

Capitalism is charging $700 per month for a shitty apartment with a landlord that never…

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If organized religion is the opium of the masses, then disorganized religion is the marijuana of the lunatic fringe. Most disorganized of all religions, Discordianism alone understands that organization is the work of the Devil. Holy Chaos is the Natural Condition of Reality, contrary to popular belief. Theologians cite Order in the Universe as proof of a Supreme Intelligence, but a glance is enough to see that the stars are not actually in neat little rows. (Oh, sure, there is the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper - but if they were really connect-the-dot drawings there would be numbers next to the stars.) Theology is just a debate over who to frame for creating reality. What we imagine is order is merely the prevailing form of chaos.
Every few thousand years some shepherd inhales smoke from a burning bush and has a vision or eats moldy rye bread in a cave and sees God. From then on their followers kill one another at the slightest provocation. Haunted houses called temples are built by one side and torn down by another - and then bloody quarrels continue over the crumbling foundations.

Principia Discordia

5th edition introduction

by Kerry Thornley

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The big lie about capitalism is that everyone can be rich. That’s impossible. Capitalism works only if the vast majority of the population are kept poor enough to never quit working, are kept poor enough to accept distasteful jobs society cannot function without. If everyone were a millionaire, who would empty the trash or repair the sewers? It follows that the poorer the general population is made, the greater the worth of the money held by the wealthy, in terms of the lives which may be bought and sold with it.
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Men are born soft and supple; Dead, they are stiff and hard. Plants are born tender and pliant; Dead, they are brittle and dry. Thus whoever is stiff and inflexible Is a disciple of death. Whoever is soft and yielding Is a disciple of life.
Lao Tzu, (Verse 76) Tao Te Ching (via oswaldofguadalupe)
No world problems. I couldn’t care less.

No world problems. I couldn’t care less.




This is the most emotional post in the history of tumblr

I nearly cried.

This post makes me want to puke




Call it Satanic or call it common sense.

If they do not stop, destroy them



Apparently it is theatrical superstition that if you say Macbeth in a theater it is considered bad luck. This must be hard when trying to actually put on a production of Macbeth.



“What is this play called again?”

“The Ducks of Zanzibar.”

“Are you sure? It seems an awful lot like Macbeth.”



“Goddammit Jeffrey.” 


Who coined the phrase “Human Being?”

Like, who was the guy (or gal) who suddenly realized “Holy shit, I am something. I need a name for this.”

But before that, who was the first person to realize that they were something?

Most animals, like dogs, bark and attack their reflection, what was the…